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05-Dec-2017 07:49

It had worked, briefly, takening her mind of things, but, with the prospect of a long weekend ahead, she knew it wasn’t going to last.

She sighed again and walked on through to the kitchen.

___________ Brenda sighed deeply as she dropped her bag in the hallway.

She had just returned from her early morning swim, and had hoped that a good long swim would release some of the frustration and tension that had been building up for past few days.

“You just want me for food don’t you, like most men, as long as you belly’s full you’re happy?

What with getting her son ready for his first year at university, she’d neglected the garden a little; well actually quite a lot really. ” But for the moment, she continued stand by the kitchen sink, gazing out of the window pondering her life. Well, ok not really “along”, but that’s how she felt, now that both the children were at Uni.

So not really “alone” because she had friends, an ok social life, a dozen employees etc.

But still, it was going to be odd, having the house to herself, except for the holidays.

Once she was down to her bra and panties, she considered what to wear.

Hmmm it’s warm out, sooo I think I can get away with shorts and my old halter top, she top herself.

As she turned, she caught sight of her reflection in full length mirror that stood in the corner, and paused to consider it.

Se puso cachonda, su chochete est todo hmedo y su primer anal con juguetes comenz.… continue reading »

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I remember a time when I went for a kiss with a girl, and she turned away and said “no, we have the same friends, it will be awkward.” I replied “I don’t care about our friends, I care about you, and it’ll be amazing”.… continue reading »

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Pursuant to recent changes to KRS 158.070, Kentucky school districts are required to form a committee to review, develop and recommend annual instructional calendars.… continue reading »

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There are occasional concern-troll-y musings about how this is bad for the one doing the cut-off as well – the subtitle, after all is “Cutting off exes not only hurts our former partners Cutoff culture is violent in its own ways.… continue reading »

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Here's our Vernis Magnetic line," the girl spoke, softly, smoothly, "It's one of our newer products, and has a really deep shine, hardly ever chips, and lasts for up to seven days.… continue reading »

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I will cook him dinner, cuddle on the couch, hold his hand, do things for him (like his laundry), be his buddy, run his errands, and so on because one day, he will realize what a great catch I am. If he was really interested in a committed relationship you would have known it.… continue reading »

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